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3 tips to save on multi-risk insurances in your home

02 Apr 2019
3 tips to save on multi-risk insurances in your home
To save on multi-risk insurance, three important points must be taken into account, according to Doctor Finance:

1. Make an assessment of the life insurance and multi-risk options available in the market in addition to the option presented by the bank to compare costs and coverage;

2. Review the real need for the coverages presented, since many insurances have coverages that are unknown and may be paying for something that is not needed;

3. Take into account that, as a rule, bringing together all insurance in the same company may tend to bring less savings.

Instead of concentrating all insurances on a single company or entity, you should choose to consult a mediator who works with all companies or entities and can provide insurances more suited to the needs of each.

To achieve a better cost-benefit ratio, you should carefully consider multi-risk insurance coverage and compare different alternatives. And this is also true for those who already have a housing loan.

With the recent changes in the market and the fall in the value of the spreads, it may be very advantageous to carry out a revaluation of a housing loan, with the possibility of achieving significant savings in the installment, either by reviewing the spread, as well as reviewing the insurance life and multi-risk, "argues Dr. Finance.

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Source: Idealist April 1, 2019
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